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Community Intentions

May all the past and present intentions of our fasting community be handed to the providence of God’s wisdom through the aid of Our Blessed Mother. Be sure to send us your prayer updates!


28th July 2014

Job search guidance

I pray to find a job that will allow the opportunity to spend more time with church, family and friends. Mike P

25th July 2014

Safe Delivery

Please pray for a safe delivery of our newest grandchild. Pray that all will go well for our daughter Nora, Joe and baby. Nora is to be induced on Sunday if she does not deliver by then.

Awaiting results of job interview

Please pray for me as I await the results of a job interview which will be finalized next week (7/27-8/1). I had a second interview last week. Please pray that God’s will be done. I pray to find gainful employment soon…

Pope Francis

For Pope Francis, to be open to correspondence being sent from Boston requesting that he establish a foundation to assist those in need around the world.

Thanksgiving landslide repair

In thanksgiving for the answered prayers from the landslide we suffered in 2011. We are so thankful for the graces we received while we were going through this terrible ordeal. With God’s grace we financially were able to pay for…

24th July 2014

prayers for a new mother

For my cousin Nicole. She delivered twins Wednesday evening. She is not coming out of the deliveries. Pray for her recovery. The doctors say she is in very serious condition. Pray to Mother Mary to save this mother.


For peace in our hearts, in our family, in our community, in our country and in the world. For a safe flight for my son and his family. For my daughter to find a husband who loves Jesus and so…

23rd July 2014

Healing from tumors

Healing for a man who has malignant tumors on his brain, lung and liver.

Miracle requested for Bill

Prayers are requested for my brother-in-law Bill. He is in a Dallas, TX hospital undergoing evaluation to see if his body is healthy enough to have a heart transplant.

Stability in my husband’s work

For stability and success in my husband’s work. He loves his job and has worked hard to build his company, but his commission-only business is stressful and unstable for supporting our family of 6. That he may have more income…

Financial help

We ask prayers for financial help for us. Mother Mary knows from Her place in Heaven our great needs.

22nd July 2014


For a good report for my brother’s biopsy and my own healing from this possible cancer.

For my aunt Amelia Oliva in Mexico

My aunt has metastatic cancer in her lungs, neck, breast. Please pray for a miraculous healing and united suffering with Jesus Christ. Thank you Eladio Valadez Coppell TX

21st July 2014


For a mother, who is suffering from unknown health issues and probably won’t be able to go to her daughter’s wedding on July 26. Prayers please! For healing, peace, strength and surrender to God’s will during this time.

Prayer Intentions

Freedom from Lust

Please prayer that I am freed from my lustful, habitual sins of masturbaton, pornography use, lustfully inappropriate conversations, same sex desires, and homosexual actions.

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To abandon self-centered desires and to do the Will of God.

Elijah is a loving 2.5 year old boy has a very strong desire to selfish, self-center desires as most children his age, won’t share any thing whether food and toys regardless of its abundance. He has very strong tantrums, and...

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Hearing the Voice of God Through Fasting

My sheep hear my voice, says the Lord; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27 How well do we listen to God’s voice? Can we even hear His voice amidst our daily activities? God speaks to us in...

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