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Community Intentions

May all the past and present intentions of our fasting community be handed to the providence of God’s wisdom through the aid of Our Blessed Mother. Be sure to send us your prayer updates!


8th August 2014

For My Sister Kim

Lord, through the intercession of Your Most Blessed Mother Mary, I ask that the Peace of the Holy Spirit come upon Kim. Fortify and sustain her with Hope and Love, and that You, our Most High, overshadow Kim with Your…


Please pray that my son will come back into his Catholic faith, that my husband will experience the Holy Spirit in a profound and moving way during his RCIA training this Fall and he will seek our Lord with all…

Please pray for my family

So much is going on in my family right now. My oldest brother Joe lost his job in April and has been very depressed. He begs Our Lord to help him but Jesus is silent… For now. Please pray he…

A job

I pray that the Lord provides a job for me that is in line with my personal and career goals, in which I will be enabled to thrive and grow professionally and financially. I ask St. Joseph and our Blessed…


We pray for our cousin Tom to be healed in the name of Jesus. We pray that Tom receives all God’s graces that make him know, love and serve God before he passes from this earthly life so he will…

For our service mission

Please pray for our mission to E. Kentucky that we may help the people we serve in Appalachia. May they see God through our works.

For the children

Pray for all the children in the world that are being used for political gain.

For teens who just finished a retreat

For the teens who just concluded their week at Camp El Camino at Santiago Retreat Center.  May they continue to walk this Camino of holiness each and every day if their lives.

6th August 2014

For a liver transplant

For Michael to receive the liver transplant he needs to live. He’s been on the transplant list for 6 months. For Michael’s complete healing of body and soul.

unite us to serve christ through our marraige

For a wounded marriage to heal from the affects of broken trust and from an addiction that has swallowed our family and keeps us in captive with pride, lack of empathy and void of Godly leadership. May God break the…

For Neal

Pray for my husband Neal’s heart health, and for me, for love and peace.

For healing of my children

Please pray for Nathan to be completely healed spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. Please pray for Bridget and her family. She left the church several years ago and lives a pagan lifestyle. Her husband was brought up without any religious…

For Michele

For my beautiful friend Michele. We are discerning whether to pursue friendship or something more. I am wanting to get married and think she would be an excellent spouse, as she is a devout Catholic woman in love with the…

RN test

Please help Christopher pass RN boards this time and find the job you want him to have JMJ, please help him know the job you want him to have and to not get fired or laid off. Help him support…

Prayer Intentions

Please pray for Antonio

I ask you please to pray for my boyfriend named Antonio. He is away from the church and unaware of God’s mercy and love. He’s feeling bored, impatient, with difficulties sleeping and unworthy to live. He can’t find meaning to...

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Please pray

For my brother’s mother-in-law who is very ill with kidney and heart disease. Please pray for healing.

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Fasting Helps Us Shine Like Lights

R. Alleluia, alleluia. Shine like lights in the world, as you hold on to the word of life. R. Alleluia, alleluia. Have you ever met a person who was so joyful, they shined? And because they were so joyful, you...

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