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Answered Prayers

“There are more tears shed over answered prayers than over unanswered prayers.”
–St. teresa of Avila

Original prayer (July 17, 2015)
Please pray for me, I have a job interview with a Catholic high school for an accounting manager position. Pray God’s will be done and His great mercy upon me as I discern His will.

Another answered prayer! (July 24, 2015)
Thanks be to God, my prayer was answered. I was offered the Accounting Manager position on Monday 7-20-15. Pray for my success at my new job.


Answered Prayer! (July 17, 2015)
I asked this wonderful community to pray for me, for I was taking my board exam on July 8th. After taking the exam I must admit I was nervous and felt I had not performed well, but I received my status today, and I passed my boards!

By God’s infinite grace and mercy, and by all of the people who kept me in their prayers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! God Bless you All!

Original Prayer (Feb. 19, 2015)
I ask for prayers, for Jennifer, who found out that she has early stage cancer and will be having an operation within 2 weeks. We pray, in Jesus’ name, to God for his loving graces and healing. Thank you.

Answered Prayer! (April 8, 2015)
Answered prayers- Thank you, all the faithful of the Live the Fast community who prayed for Jennifer. Her operation was a success & she is cancer free. Praise be to God!


Answered Prayer(February 17)

I had ask for prayers for my carpal tunnel surgery and my sister’s hysterectomy . Both surgeries went well. My recovery is going well as is my sister’s who has a longer recover time. Glory to God.

Original Prayer (January 29)
Please pray for Shane, a 41-year old married father of a 3 year old child, is in the ICU with life-threatening pneumonia. He is sedated and on a respirator. He is my brother’s only surviving child. Please pray for his complete healing, and strength for his parents and his wife. Thank you.

Answered Prayer (February 10)
Thank you for your prayers. Shane was in ICU on a respirator with a severe case of pneumonia. He is off the respirator and on his way home. Thanks be to God.

Answered Prayer! (December 12)
“Prayers have been answered. I asked for prayers for Ted who had cancer of the mouth and wife Judy. They have just received word that Ted is cancer free. Believe in the power of prayer.”

Original Prayer (October 28)

For my grandmother (Babcia) who will be undergoing surgery on Wednesday at 1pm Eastern Time to repair her broken hip. For her complete healing, peace and recovery.

Answered Prayer! (October 30)
Babcia had a successful surgery and seems to be recovering well and in good spirits!

Original prayer (March 25)
Please pray that I find gainful employment soon. The company I work for is downsizing and consolidating with another company. Lord Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Answered Prayer! (October 29)
I have found gainful employment. I submitted my resignation on 10-24-14. I start my new job on 11-10-14. Please continue to pray for my success in my new job,. Amen

Answered Prayer! (October 8)
I submitted a request in August that prayers be said for me having been diagnosed with breast cancer and for the Lord to guide the mind, heart and hands of the surgeon operating on me and for a favorable outcome if it is HIS will.

The surgery went well, the tumor was removed and there is no node involvement. Prognosis is extremely good with radiation about to begin followed by medication treatment for 5 years. All Praise and Thanksgiving be to God for answering these prayers and for continued graces and perseverance to see this through to completion uniting it to the Cross of His Son. Thank you all

Original prayer  (July 10)
“For my niece April – may she be cured of Leukemia, she is only 24 years old.”

Answered prayer! (September 25)
“My niece April who was diagnosed with Leukemia earlier this year is now officially in remission! Praise the Lord! I would like to thank you all for your prayers.”

Answered Prayer! (September 15)
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Live the Fast community. I had requested prayer for my mother, Lucille, who was awaiting a new pacemaker. I am happy to say that despite her advanced age, she came through with minimal issues. She later told me she “felt ” the prayers!!

Answered Prayer (September 4)
In July I submitted a prayer request for my spiritual sister to find a spiritual director.

After two years of searching for a director she finally found a spiritual director!
He was the one that she had been praying for. Friday she called and told me that she
has an appointment with him.

Original Prayer (July 24)
For my cousin Nicole. She delivered twins Wednesday evening. She is not coming out of the deliveries. Pray for her recovery. The doctors say she is in very serious condition. Pray to Mother Mary to save this mother.

Answered Prayer (August 20)
Prayers have been answered for my cousin Nicole and her twins. They are home and all are doing ok. Please continue to keep them and all mothers and newborns in their care.

Original Prayer (December 2013)
Please pray for a very special intention for John. God bless you.

Answered Prayer (August 2014)
I want you to know that the prayers requested for my brother John have been answered. Praise the Lord and thanks to all in the ‘Living the Fast’ family who have lifted him up in prayer. John, a devout Catholic father of three, happily married for 32 years, was falsely accused of child sex abuse, but just over a week ago in Harrow Crown Court, London, he was found unanimously innocent off all charges brought against him. John has been courageous and tireless in his defense of the unborn, the Family and the church and will continue to be so in the years ahead. We are so grateful for your support and prayers through this very difficult time. Thanks be to God and to our Blessed Mother for her intercession.

Original Prayer (November 2013) 
For Frank Kelly who is seriously wounded from a car accident.

Answered Prayer (August 2014) 
Six months ago, Frank Kelly was told he might not walk again after being in a serious car accident. Frank is now completely healed and the doctors are puzzled. He gives thanks and praise to God. He believes in the powerful intercession of the prayers and fasting of the community.

Original Prayer (July 2) 
For my son Keith who is unemployed and turning towards the Muslim religion. 

Answered Prayer (July 31) 
My son Keith finally found a good job to support his family – only after I put the intention on the Live the Fast site. He said he has also been praying.

Original Prayer (July 21) 
For a mother, who is suffering from unknown health issues and probably won’t be able to go to her daughter’s wedding on July 26. Prayers please! For healing, peace, strength and surrender to God’s will during this time.

Answered Prayer (July 26)
Praise God! This mother’s healthy improved so much in a 24-hour period that she was able to go to her daughter’s wedding and reception! Both the wife’s and husband’s families are extremely grateful for your prayers and fasting!

Original Prayer (July 21)
I humbly request prays for my family and I – for our financial stability, happiness, good health, peace and faith.

Answered Prayer (July 22)
I wish to inform u all of a Miracle as to where my job is concerned. I was very worried about it, and the job that I’ve prayed for in the last 7 years was granted to me about an hour ago.

I thank the Good Lord and All of you for your love, concern and prayers for me and my family. Please continue to pray for me and my family for our well being and also as to where my new job role is concerned that I may do well.

Answered Prayer (July 15)
“Last month I had asked you all to pray for me. It was intense month and also quarter end for us. God raised me up victoriously giving me the highest sales for the month and quarter.

God has been very very kind. Fasting is the most powerful prayer that opens up our hearts to receive God’s grace from Heaven. I am filled with lots of joy. I would like to thank each one of you for praying for me.

Continue you great work of touching others life through fasting and prayer.”

Original Prayer (April 22)
For Jessica who has been working long hours and experiencing extreme stress and lack of sleep. She had the shingles at the age of 23 during studying for her CPA exams a couple years ago. Please pray she is able to experience serenity, calmness and peace.

Answered Prayer (July 1)
Jessica was promoted at work. She has much peace in her life. Thank you for the many prayers!

Original Prayer (December 4)
For Cristina to find a job. She’s had many interviews and is getting discouraged.

Answered Prayer (July 1)
Cristina was hired with a full time position. Thank you so much for praying!

Answered Prayer (June 26)
“Our Respect Life Group has been praying and fasting for this for 6 months! We all pick a Wednesday or Friday every month and fast for our pro-life work and pray a rosary once a month together. Look at this result!  Our priest, Fr. Eric Cadin, from St. Michael parish in North Andover won the Supreme Court ruling 9:0 to eliminate the buffer zones at all boston clinics in Massachusetts. Praise God!” – Live the Fast Community Member News article here.

Original Pray (May 30)
For my two week old grand daughter, Rose, who had heart surgery on Monday Jun 2.

Answered Prayer (June 22)
Rose’s surgery and recovery went very well she is back home in the loving arms of her parents and older brothers. We were very conscious of and grateful for the prayer support during her hospitalization. God Bless you.


Original Prayer (May 15)
Please add Violet, who is undergoing serious surgery this Tuesday to your prayer list. Thank you.

Answered Prayer (June 12)
I wish to thank all who said prayers for Violet. Her tumor was benign and her operation and recuperation have been successful!


Original Prayer (June 14, 2013) 1 YEAR LATER!
For my brother Mark’s employment.

Answered Prayer (June 6, 2014) 
The long search for Mark’s employment is over! Blessed be God through Our Lady, St. Francis, and the fasting community. After a grueling 2 1/2 year period of unemployment, my brother Mark never gave up. Just so grateful to the fasting community, for the graces that have come.



Original Prayer (May 16)
For my dear friend who is going for a biopsy on Tuesday. Precancerous cells have been found before and it’s possible they could be back. For her peace, and healing both physical and spiritual.


Answered Prayer (May 28)
My friend’s biopsy came back negative – she is free of precancerous cells! She thanks the community for all their prayers.



Original Prayer (May 9)
For Aaron Swanson, a 3 year old boy who nearly drowned and is now in a medically induced coma. For recovery and return to health and for his family.


Answered Prayer (May 13 – Feast of Our Lady of Fatima)
Aaron is making a full recovery! He is fully awake, alert, smiling, laughing and healthy. Truly an answered prayer and miracle! Thank you for all of your prayers!


Original Prayer (March 9)
For the scheduled black mass to be cancelled, for the forces of evil to be destroyed by the Light of Jesus Christ.


Answered Prayer (March 12)
The black mass has been indefinitely postponed!


Original Prayer (March 13)
For a young community member who is extremely stressed out in life and work. May he experience peace in the Lord and be freed from the pressures of his work in sales. For peace among his colleagues. For all those working in sales.
– From India


Answered Prayer! (March 21)
“When pressure was at its peak and I came across your e-mail reminder. I did not know if anyone would reply but I thought I send an e-mail asking to pray for me.

I immediately got a response from Darcie who prayed and counseled me. 

I went to Confession.

I don’t know how, but from nowhere a customer came up and said he will sign the deal for 100 units. This is the largest deal anyone could get from my branch. I had previously been so scared that I would have zero sales for the month.

My whole life has changed.

When I was alone and needed help, your team was of great help. You prayers comforted me. Confession is such a great gift. I would like to thank the whole community.”


Answered Prayer! (March)
I asked for prayer in September for my son that he be delivered from his alcoholism. Praise God he has been sober for 6 weeks and says that God has taken away his cravings for alcohol!  Thank you for your prayers!
-Mom from Wisconsin


Original Prayer (December)
For Fr. Brian, that he never lose that desire to do God’s Will, that he may have the strength and courage to accept what He asks of him, and that this surgery be the culmination of that acceptance. To read Fr. Brian’s beautiful reflection on facing open heart surgery, click here.

Answered Prayer (January)
Latest update from Fr. Brian:

“So, everyone now knows how dangerous the surgery was, how, if I had not gotten it, I would have had a year to live. Everyone knows immediate recovery was touch and go and fuller recovery has been a bit painful and challenging.

Regardless of all that, what amazes me the most, what my mom called the true miracle, and I agree with her, was the incredible outpouring of prayers and support. I was and continue to be overwhelmed by so many people interceding on my behalf to God. You realize I am merely a simple country priest right? But, He has called me to be your pastor and priest and I thank you for everything you have done for me and, as a result of all of this, I will seek, even more, and continue even harder to do His Will.

Thank you again to everyone. I truly have seen the power of prayer and what prayer can truly do in someone’s life. God bless you all!”



Original Prayer
For Joseph & his family. He is a 13 year old boy with terminal cancer. He is a wonderful boy who only a month ago did a fund raiser for the children’s hospital where he was receiving treatment. His reason for doing this was he just wanted to give back to others.

Updated Prayer
For Joseph & his family. He died on Good Friday. Please pray for his soul & for his family.

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