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Fasting Wakes Us Up

In Pope Francis’ recent Lenten message for 2018, he encourages us to fast by saying,

“Fasting weakens our tendency to violence; it disarms us and becomes an important opportunity for growth. On the one hand, it allows us to experience what the destitute and the starving have to endure. On the other hand, it expresses our own spiritual hunger and thirst for life in God. Fasting wakes us up. It makes us more attentive to God and our neighbour. It revives our desire to obey God, who alone is capable of satisfying our hunger.”

Fasting indeed wakes us up and makes us more attentive to God and to our neighbor. By fasting, we come out of our selfishness and into generosity. Because fasting invites the Holy Spirit into our hearts and souls, it revives our desire to obey God who, as the Holy Father said, “alone is capable of satisfying our hunger.”

Let us keep up the good work of fasting this Lent! We are more than halfway through our Lenten journey. Let’s keep fasting and growing in our faith!

Today let us pray and fast for all the community intentions, for the victims of human trafficking and for all those who are suffering.

Holy Mary, pray for us! Holy Spirit, teach us to pray!


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