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Fasting and Repentance

Repent, says the Lord;
the Kingdom of heaven is at hand.
Matt 4:17

“Lent is a time to face our temptations and be converted by the Gospel,” Pope Francis said in his Angelus address on the first Sunday of Lent a few weeks ago. During this holy season, we need to have the courage to reject anything that leads us away from God. But, as the Holy Father has said, “It is not a sad time!”

When we are able to put selfishness aside and focus on others, we will be happier. When we are living a virtuous life, we will be happier.

Fasting helps us to put selfishness aside and focus on others. Fasting helps us to lead a virtuous life. Fasting opens our hearts to conversion and gives weight to our prayer intentions. Fasting strengthens us in resisting temptations and helps to promote peace in our hearts and peace with one another. Fasting reminds us of the plight of the poor and many who are perpetually hungry. Fasting can free us from addictive behavior. Fasting invites the Holy Spirit in to heal our hearts, our relationship with God and with others.

The Holy Father concluded his address with an appeal to the Blessed Mother: “May Mary Most Holy help us to live this Lent with fidelity to the Word of God and with incessant prayer, as Jesus did in the desert. It is not impossible! It means living the days with the desire to welcome the love that comes from God, and that desires to transform our life, and the whole world.”

Let us pray and fast for all the community intentions, for all the Holy Souls in Purgatory, for victims of human trafficking and for all those who are suffering.

Holy Mary, pray for us! Holy Spirit, teach us to pray!


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