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Fasting and Bearing Fruit

I chose you from the world,
to go and bear fruit that will last, says the Lord.

God has chosen us. And, as St. Teresa of Calcutta once said, we are all called to be saints. But…what does it mean to bear fruit that will last?

Sometimes we forget that how we live and the example we give affects others. If that example is a good one, then it will be fruit that will last. If, however, our example is not a good one, that will also last, sometimes, through the generations.

We probably have ancestors whose stories we’d like to keep hidden, like ancestors who were unfaithful or who drank to excess. These stories affect us.

Then there are the stories of our devout ancestors, the Rosary-praying, Mass-going, virtuous relatives. Stories of the virtuous ancestors affect us in a very positive way and give us the example we need to live a virtuous life.

Fasting was important in the lives of our ancestors and most Christians and Catholics. Our ancestors fasted on a regular basis. Sin was called sin and objective truth was just that: objective. Unfortunately, subjective truth has become the norm: if you think an action is wrong, then it’s wrong. If you don’t think it’s wrong, then it’s not wrong. This loss of the sense of sin has invaded every part of our society, even many churches.

Today, fasting does not seem as important as it was when our ancestors were alive. And yet fasting is still one of the most important spiritual elements that can help us to be saints and to help us to bear fruit that will last. Fasting invites the Holy Spirit into our hearts and adds weight to our prayer intentions. Fasting helps us to combat addictions and increase in virtue.

No matter how difficult it is, keep fasting. None of us will ever be perfect, but we can try.

Today let us pray and fast for all the community prayer intentions, for the Holy Souls in Purgatory and for all victims of persecution and terrorism.

Holy Mary, pray for us! St. Luke, pray for us! Holy Spirit, teach us to pray!


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