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Fasting Miracles

“The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen.” G. K. Chesterton

The power of prayer and fasting has a rich history. These are a sample of miracles attributed to intervention of prayer and fasting.



Jews had a difficult time when King Nebuchadnezzar first came to Babylon Daniel prayed and fasted.
Result: The heart of King Nebuchadnezzar was changed positively procuring favor and promotion for the Jews. (Note: this is a simplified version of how the king’s attitude changed.)







(BC) Jehoshaphat’s Triumph
Jehoshaphat received word that there would be an invasion from the East. (2 Chron 20) Jehoshaphat called for everyone to pray and fast for divine intervention.
Result: There was no need for Jehoshaphat and his people to use any military force as the enemies destroyed themselves.







(BC) Ezra
Ezra was leading a company of returning exiles back to Jerusalem through hostile territory filled with savage tribes and bandits. There were sacred vessels that needed to be protected along with many women and children. (Ezra 8) Ezra called on the entire group to fast and pray, depending only on divine intervention.
Result: The returning band of exiles completed their long and dangerous journey in perfect peace and safety.



Esther and Mordecai

(BC) Persian emperor sent out a decree to destroy and kill all Jews (Esther 4)
Esther and her maidens gathered in the city of Shushen and together with the citizens, fasted and prayed for three days and three nights.

Result: The Persian empire completed changed in favor of the Jews. The enemies of the Jews suffered defeat. Instead of destruction, the Jews experienced favor, peace and prosperity.



Jonah Nineveh

(BC) Jonah and Nineveh
God sent Jonah to the city of Nineveh to warn them to change their evil ways or God would destroy them. (Jonah 3) The entire city of people repented, prayed and fasted.
Result: God did not destroy Nineveh







(BC) Joachim and Anne had been barren for 20 years
Joachim and Anne prayed and fasted for 40 days.
Result: Joachim and Anne conceived a child (The Virgin Mary)









1620’s   Pilgrims set out from Europe
Pastor John Robinson called for a day of prayer, fasting and humiliation using the text from Ezra 8:21
Result: Sea travel in those days was very dangerous. The pilgrims, however, had a safe journey.






1623 Now in America, pilgrims experienced drought from May to July
After planting corn crop William Bradford, governor, asked the pilgrims to set aside a day of prayer, fasting and humiliation for rain.
Result: A gentle rain shower saved the corn crop.





1685                 Massachusetts
King Charles threatened to take away the Massachusetts Charter if the colony refused to regulate or replace their ministers with Episcopal clergy. When the colony voted unanimously not to comply, the king flew into a rage and vowed to send Colonel “Bloody” Kirk and 5000 troops to crush the opposition. A leading minister by the name of Increase Mather heard the news, so he thrust himself up in his study and spent the day on his knees fasting and praying about the colony’s plight.
Result:  Charles died of apoplexy. His brother became king and the bloody colonel would not be coming. Charles’ death was traced back to the day Mather spent in fasting and prayer.




1756                  King George
King George II of England called for a day of solemn prayer and fasting because of a threatened invasion by the French
Result:   Invasion didn’t happen.







1798    USA on verge of War with France
President John Adams, proclaimed a day of fast and abstinence on May 9, 1798, Washington, DC
Result: War was averted.





War of 1812
President James Madison proclaimed that a day of fast and abstinence be held on January 12, 1815 for an end to the War of 1812.
Result: On January 8th, the last battle was fought in New Orleans and victory came for the USA, then peace followed. Congress suggested January 12th be a day of prayer and fasting in thanksgiving for an end to the war.



Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863Abraham Lincoln declares day of prayer and fasting                                                                                                                     

1864     Civil War
President Abraham Lincoln, August, 1864, Washington proclaimed a national day of prayer and fasting for the end of the war.
Result: Tide turned for the North and the end of the Civil War. (Note: Abraham Lincoln proclaimed numerous days of prayer and fasting)


King George VI called for day of prayer and fastingDunkirk-queuing-to-pray-700x325


May 1940, England, Westminster Abbey
Germany overran Holland and attacked Belgium, driving the opposing French, English and Belgian forces to the sea. The Germans pursued the French and English across the French frontier with an air, tank and infantry “blitzkrieg,” trapping nearly 400,000 Allied forces at Dunkirk.
King George called for a national day of prayer and fasting in Britain and France for the hopelessly stranded British and French troops. Archbishop of Canterbury led prayers from Westminster Abbey. Shocked at the plight of their soldiers, the British people stopped everything to pray and fast.
Result: Hitler (for an unexplained reason) halted the advance of his dreaded panzer division for three days. The normally blustery English Channel remained calm while England evacuated the troops. 340,000 Allied troops were rescued in nine days.

Fatima Miracle at Hiroshima, Japan  

1945     Hiroshima, Japan
In response to Our Lady of Fatima’s message to pray and fast, eight Jesuit German priests fasted and prayed the rosary daily before Atomic bomb hit.
Result: Their parish house was only eight houses away from the center of an atomic bomb blast. Although everyone within a one mile radius of the blast was either killed instantly or died soon after from radiation poisoning, not one of the priests suffered more than a scratch, and none of them experienced any after-effects of radiation. Their house was the only building left standing.  Doctors kept track of them for years and none of the priests ever suffered any ill effects.

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (neg. no. LC-USW33- 019081-C)

Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. (neg. no. LC-USW33- 019081-C)


  1953    Russia, Stalin planned systematic purge of Russian Jews
When he heard that Stalin planned a systematic purge of Russian Jews, Protestant Minister and Missionary Derek Prince and his group in London, England fasted and prayed for one day on behalf of Russian Jews.
Result: Within two weeks, Stalin died.   Russia’s new leader, Khrushchev, denounced Stalin and the purge never happened. 






 1967     Six-Day War  
Chief Rabbi of Israel proclaimed a day of prayer and fasting in 1967 for an end of the war.
Result: Israel won the war and regained control over Jerusalem.  





Image by Ksiom 

 2010     Impending War with North  
South Korean Bishops hold day of prayer and fasting to prevent war with North, June 22nd. 
Result: War was averted.
(Image by Ksiom, Wikimedia Commons)








September 7, 2013 Pope Francis
Pope Francis called for day of prayer and fasting for Syria and called for reconciliation and dialogue in Syria
Result:  Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, leader of the country’s Sunni Muslims, approached the papal nuncio in Damascus, Syria, with a request to attend the Rome vigil. The mufti has called on his followers to pray for peace, “in communion and simultaneously with the Pope.”


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